Julie Ott Communicating

Julie’s Vision & Values


Quality schools

School should be a welcoming and creative place where every child has the opportunity to learn to succeed. Every school should be an excellent school, and because not every child has the same learning style or the same needs, Julie believes we must recognize that children and their families need options within their school district.

Julie has supported the development of District 11’s new programs: a new dual immersion language program at Rogers Elementary, and Spark Online Academy, a new K-8 online school.  In addition, Julie has supported the District’s further development of career and technical education options.

Our children’s schools should also be safe and healthy places for our students. As the District’s Facility Master Plan progresses, Julie will continue to support safe, healthy classrooms and buildings for students across the district. 

As District 11 continues to develop its new Academic and Facility Master Plans and adopt new learning pathways, Julie will continue to advocate for a high-quality education in every school and for every child.

Supporting Students

Julie believes we must have high expectations for students and offer them educational challenges. At the same time, we need to offer support in areas where students struggle, and provide an education that strengthens their weaknesses. Julie’s philosophy is that we have to meet them where they are and advocate for their learning, graduation and future success. 

Especially now, Julie supports having counseling available to students. Children learn best when they are physically and emotionally healthy, and schools are in a unique position to make a difference in students’ lives. By providing mental health support from a young age we can encourage successful transition to adulthood.

COVID-19 turned our world upside down in 2020 and 2021 and that included changes to teaching and services offered to students. Julie has supported the development of an online school option for students in D11, one-to-one devices for students, and a safe return to in-person learning. 

As Julie has reviewed District plans over the last four years, she has questioned how District 11 can improve student growth and achievement goals, and she has taken action to support the actions and resources needed to meet them. This is the work she will continue to do when re-elected.

Supporting Teachers and Staff

Teachers are some of the most important people in children’s lives. You simply can’t have great schools without great teachers. Teachers need support in order to support our students and encourage a love of learning. Julie recognizes that education support professionals – bus drivers, food and nutrition staff, administrative assistants, building managers, security staff, and others – and executive professionals such as principals, also impact our students’ lives.

Julie has advocated for reasonable workloads, relevant and effective professional development, safe and healthy work environments, and competitive pay.

Fiscal Responsibility

Julie believes successful students and great schools improve the community. With property values and taxes on the rise, Julie knows that our community expects our schools and district to invest money wisely.

Julie is committed to using district money and resources carefully, and in ways that invest in students’ engagement, learning, and success. She served as Board Treasurer in her first two years on the District 11 School Board and continues to attend meetings of the Mill Levy Override Oversight Committee and the District Accountability Committee Budget Sub-Committee as part of her board commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency.